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Chinese company acquires 15% stake in Western Digital

Unisplendour Corporation Limited (Unis), a government-controlled high-tech company from China, on Wednesday said that it will acquire around 15 per cent stake in Western Digital Corp., the world’s largest maker of hard disk drives. In total, Unis will invest $3.775 billion, which will be used to strengthen Western Digital’s balance …

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Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup visits the U.S. to discuss Micron bid

In a bid to re-start talks about possible acquisition of Micron Technology, Zhao Weiguo, the chairman of China-based Tsinghua Unigroup, this week visited the U.S. The results of his negotiations are unknown, but the visit clearly signals that the government-backed technology investment company considers Micron and computer memory technologies strategically …

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Allwinner could merge with Rockchip to create another major Chinese chip designer

Allwinner Technology, the company primarily known for its ultra-cheap application processors for entry-level smartphones and tablets, may become a major chip design house in China, if it acquires Rockchip Electronics using money provided by the Chinese government. Last year the government of China announced intention to invest about a trillion …

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Acquisition of Micron by Tsinghua could lead to DRAM oversupply

Financial analysts believe that the rumoured takeover of Micron Technology by China-based Tsinghua Unigroup could lead to a major change of Micron’s policies in regards of expansion of production capacities. If Tsinghua acquires Micron and starts to build new fabs to gain market share, this could result in oversupply of …

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Chinese group could acquire Micron to boost local memory industry

Tsinghua Unigroup, a China-based investment company that controls Spreadtrum Communications and RDA Microelectronics, reportedly wants to acquire Micron Technology, the world’s third largest maker of DRAM and the No. 4 maker of NAND flash. China may need Micron in a bid to boost its homegrown memory industry and secure supply …

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T1000 incoming: new liquid metal can move and conform

That's it, judgement day is practically a given and as usual, it's all the fault of those meddling scientists. Chinese researchers investigating unique properties of certain metallic alloys have managed to make a self assembling and self propelling liquid metal, which has the potential for a huge range of products …

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