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AMD Zen 3 processors vulnerable to Spectre-like exploits

AMD has published a document warning that Zen 3-based processors may be targeted by side-channel attacks. As per its description, this vulnerability is similar to Spectre, which plagued Intel processors three years ago. AMD Zen 3 core architecture features a new technology that improves performance by predicting the “relationship between loads …

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Utorrent’s forums were hacked, change your passwords

The forum for the world's most popular torrent client, Utorrent, has been hacked, leading to the possiblity of the 388,000 registered members' passwords being revealed. The administrators have released this notice as a warning that passwords have been compromised and should be changed, especially if they are re-used anywhere else. HaveIBeenPwnd is …

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Another week, another Flash vulnerability


You really should disable or uninstall Adobe Flash at this point. If you haven't yet done so however here is another reason, following on from last week's 0-day exploit; there is another critical vulnerability that is being actively exploited in the wild, the only difference this time is that there is …

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Synology update fixes DSM vulnerabilities

Synology's NAS devices have usually reviewed quite well here at Kitguru, which is why it was a real shame that a few days ago to learn that its Diskstation Manager software had some major security vulnerabilities that had yet to be fixed. Fortunately now a patch has been released and …

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HTTPS vulnerable to new hacking method

As if we didn't have enough security concerns at the moment, here comes another one to make the situation worse. HTTPS, long the staple of website logins, is now said to be vulnerable to a new Department of Homeland Security debuted vulnerability, that allows those using it to potentially steal …

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Skype exploit lets you steal anyone’s account

Hack Any Account

Update: Skype has now disabled the password reset link, though there is another one that's supposedly active. Original Story: A new exploit for VOIP software client, Skype, has been discovered that has the potential to allow anyone to steal anyone else's account, if they have the person's login email. Fortunately …

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Ubisoft uPlay has big vulnerability


Ubisoft's online service, uPlay, has had a real vulnerability exposed, that can be used to view customer files and information. While it was initially thought that this was a deliberate backdoor hidden by programmers of the service, it seems more likely now that it is an unintentional vulnerability. IT “experts” …

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