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Metro version of IE10 to ditch Flash plug in support

The hype for Windows 8 is building up, with many people wondering if Microsoft will drop the ball after the success of Windows 7. The latest news is that the tablet optimised version of Windows 8 will drop Flash support, to concentrate on HTML5. Steve Jobs would be proud. Apple …

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Microsoft contemplate releasing Windows 8 tablet PC

Microsoft are said to be debating internally whether they should release a self branded Windows 8 tablet, for release in 2012. Microsoft representatives have not confirmed the rumor but sources close to Texas Instruments say they are involved in the joint design of an upcoming tablet. Apple are currently dominating …

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Windows 8 will not require hardware upgrades

Windows 8 is getting a lot of hype this week, and Kitguru has been onhand with several articles detailing the upcoming flagship product from Microsoft. The news that everyone asks ‘will I need a new computer to run it?’, has been answered by Microsoft. The answer? no, you will be …

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Microsoft include ribbon interface in Windows 8

Microsoft are set to unify the appearance of their products, if the leaked screenshots of Windows 8 are anything to go by. New images of the operating system, such as the welcome screen highlight the Windows Phone 7 lock screen, while new navigation techniques used in Office 2010 look to …

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Microsoft has no tablet option until Xmas 2012

With Apple set to take a significant chunk of the OS market in 2011, Microsoft has made an executive decision to offer no additional resistance against the all-conquering Jobs advance. KitGuru questions the wisdom. If IDC’s predictions are correct, then lumping tablet PCs in with regular desktops, netbooks and notebooks …

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Windows 8 to run on ARM

Microsoft are due to revamp Windows 8 to support ARM processors, the leading hardware platform for mobile computer on tablets and smartphones. Windows 8 however is probably not due until 2012, or possibly 2013. ‘Windows 8’ isn’t the final release name of the upcoming operating system, but when we use …

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