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Microsoft to drop Windows license fees for select devices

Microsoft Corp. announced at the Build 2014 conference on Wednesday that it would waive licensing fees for special versions of Windows operating systems for select devices. Microsoft wants to enable partners to offer lower-cost systems in the highly competitive smartphone, tablet and PC categories. Microsoft Windows will be available for …

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Microsoft unwraps DirectX 12 for PCs, tablets, smartphones and Xbox

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday unveiled DirectX 12, the latest incarnation of one of the world’s most popular application programming interfaces. The new API can not only greatly improve rendering performance, but to also bring top-notch quality graphics to all Microsoft platforms, including personal computers, tablets/smartphones and even Xbox One. One …

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Intel: we’ve changed chip design approach in the recent years

Historically, companies like Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices designed microprocessors and then software developers developed applications that took advantage of those chips. According to the head of Intel, that pattern was changed several years ago and now, before designing a new central processing unit, the world’s largest chipmaker first …

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Sales of Windows 8 surpass 200 million licenses

An executive from Microsoft Corp. said on Thursday that the software giant has sold over 200 million Windows 8 licenses in the first 15 months of the operating system’s general availability. While the number is high and is definitely important to Microsoft and its investors, it does not mean that …

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Sales of Microsoft Surface tablets doubled in Q4 2013

Microsoft Corp.’s Surface series of media and business tablets is staring to gain traction on the market. According to the company’s latest financial results, sales of Surface doubled in the second quarter of the fiscal 2014 (calendar Q4 2013). Unfortunately, the slates still bring only losses to the software giant. …

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Xbox One Gold subscription gets you free Xbox Music

If you’re a current Xbox Music user and have been mulling over whether to upgrade your 360 to a One this Christmas, it might be worth considering that you won’t have to pay for that music subscription if you already have a gold account on the new console. Announced by …

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Haswell approach causes mass price cuts

With every new beginning, there comes an end. Just as Ivy Bridge slid into the Sandy Bridge space, so a new king will soon arrive – demanding the overthrow of the present regime. But with the glitzy new product range comes issues. Most notably for Intel and its partners, “What …

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Windows 8 successor coming this year

Remember Windows ME? Windows Vista? Windows 8? Microsoft would rather you didn’t and to help brush your memory of the last one further under the mat, it’s already planning the release of the sequel. It’s called Windows Blue and it’s coming later this year. It’s not a complete overhaul like you might …

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Windows 8 a flop with Kitguru readers

It would be fair to say that Windows 8 hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes among the enthusiast users who visit tech sites like Kitguru. Over the last three months we have ran several polls on Facebook and we are currently running one on the main Kitguru.net website. The results …

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Windows 8 supports most GoG titles


We’ve posted a lot of hate here for Microsoft’s latest Windows operating system in the past few weeks, about sales numbers, how some people think its misguided, that it’s not that fast for gaming – and of course there’s been talk from Gabe Newell and Markus Persson about how it’s …

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Microsoft sold 4 million Windows 8 upgrades, says Ballmer

Steve Ballmer

Current CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has announced that over four million Windows 8 upgrades have been sold already. His follow up statement said that the interest in the new operating system had been “stunning.” This announcement was made at Microsoft’s Build Developer’s conference at the company’s main campus in …

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Microsoft joins Apple as critics of 7 inch tablets

Steve Jobs is well known for completely disregarding the 7 inch tablet form factor in the past. Jobs was quote as saying that “7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad. 7-Inch tablets are dead on arrival.” Now, it appears that Microsoft …

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