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Corporal Hicks confirmed for Aliens sequel

When we first heard that District 9 director Neil Blompkamp was going to be directing a sequel in the Alien franchise, along with the hope that he'd skip over the latter half of the series, was one that somehow he could get Michael Biehn to come back and finish the …

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New Alien movie incoming from District 9 director

If the recent success of Alien: Isolation has taught us anything, it's that despite the abortive efforts of the Aliens vs Predator movies and the Promethius film, people still love the Alien franchise; but more so for its roots than its branches. Fortunately then, it looks like we might get …

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Get out of there Dallas! Alien Isolation released

Today sees the worldwide release of Alien: Isolation, potentially the best Alien (not Alien vs Predator mind you) game ever released. It's reviewed well, with most highlighting the xenomorph's lifelike hunting as being a real scare generator, even if some of the game does feel a bit padded. Still, for …

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In Alien: Isolation, how will you survive?

In the build up to the release of Alien Isolation in just under a month's time, Creative Assembly has been releasing teasers of the game with the tagline (and hashtag) “how you will you survive?” If our efforts are anything like those of the player being showcased in the trailers, …

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