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AMD confirm XFX are now Red only

Three weeks ago, XFX spoke to KitGuru to tell them that they were no longer making nvidia graphics cards. Today it has been made official as we received an email from AMD’s PR group informing us of the change. Better late than never chaps. “We are very pleased with XFX …

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nVidia and XFX burned bridges for good?

XFX are without doubt one of the finest graphics card manufacturers on the planet and whenever they announced they were going to sell ATI graphics card, many analysts and journo’s wondered how it would work. After all nVidia are well known to be rather tempremental and difficult to work with …

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GTX470 Vs 5770 CrossFire: Get in the ring special

Fourteen floors down, in a secured elevator, Zardon’s personal lab is a monstrous affair. Closer to a medieval torture pit than anything you’d see Pepper Potts delivering coffee to Tony Stark in. When you absolutely, positively, definitely need the truth – then Zardon’s inner chamber is where the torture testing will happen. However, sometimes …

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GTX485 Launch: Less hot and noisy in the sack?

nVidia's Bill Dally wants Fermi cooler and quieter

While we all like the idea of hot lovers, GPU hotspots are a killer. Each generation of chip gets more and more complicated, creating unwanted ‘electrical friction’ – with billions of microscopic components interacting in unpredictable ways to generate current loss and heat. However, give an engineer time and he …

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