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StarCraft II Launch Event – LONG Queues in London

If Blizzard sells through 4 million copies of a game at £35 each, then they will generate £140 million ($200m) for the channel in no time at all. Most of these copies will be sold online, indeed many have already been downloaded, awaiting activation. So would anyone actually turn up …

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Size of UK market for SSD in 2011 revealed

Not many things will increase the performance of an existing system as much as GPU, CPU and SSD. KitGuru spends a lot of time in the Lab looking at this kind of thing, so we know what we’re talking about. While every PC has some form of CPU and GPU, …

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Can AMD sack its way to success?

Word has been leaking out over the past 3 weeks of another wave of culling over at AMD. Having started with the more obvious dead weight back in 2006, each round of ‘voluntary’ redundancies etc has resulted in people who are more and more popular being let go. Can AMD …

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AMD Radeon HD 6870 benchmark performance

KitGuru is old in the tooth and likes naming conventions which don’t change. With the launch of the Radeon HD 6000 series, AMD has altered its naming strategy. The high end cards will now be the 6900 series (due November) and the 6800 cards that we’re looking at today, will …

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Laid in the Tray: Part II

Yesterday, we managed to post a very strange looking egg carton and asked if any of you knew what it was. Although the camera itself is still with the technicians – trying to work out what’s wrong with the lens, we did manage to recover some more shots. There was …

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What’s been laid in this tray ?

KitGuru has seen some strange animals in its time and we’ve eaten eggs in every way possible, but we’ve never seen anything come out of an animal’s fanny that could fill a cardboard container shaped like this. . As you know, almost every top level manufacturer has a special place …

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Apple iPhone 4 Upgrade Madness

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ by Hans Christian Andersen, is the story of a pair of conmen promising to create the most spectacular clothes, which will be invisible to people who are not intelligent enough to see them in all their glory. Pics from a major London shopping centre have arrived …

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64GB SSD: Can you live with it?

Through all the high-end performance testing with dual SSD drives in RAID formation, and the ultra-high capacity, ultra high-speed  drives like the 240GB OCZ Vertex 2 weighing in around £590, KitGuru wanted to know how a plain and simple 64GB Crucial drive could impact every day performance. You know, quality …

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Strong Sony movement toward AMD?

Sony Centre ready for AMD

Funny thing about technology journalism. No one talks about a topic and it’s not in the public domain. You then do a story and suddenly you’re inundated with new information. That happened over the weekend, during our server move (yes, we know, KitGuru works overtime, Saturdays, Sundays and during the …

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Clevo predicts strong market move to AMD in 2011

Given Intel's strength, AMD's share price increase has been spectacular

Things seem to have been looking up for AMD over the past year or so. Its big win against Intel in the courts has been backed up by a huge lead in bringing DX11 technology to market and re-establishing trust in the channel after the Dell debacle in 2006. That’s …

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Music Mafia threatens Google with hit?

The music industry is a lap dancer. Pure and simple. It wants to fill the room with it, plaster it everywhere, wave it right in front of your nose and then imprison you if you have the audacity to put a finger on its product. KitGuru just read an article …

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Best TV theme tune ever?

As a kid growing up in the UK, you were limited to less than a handful of TV channels. As a nation, we developed a strong part of our national identity sitting glued to the box from Friday night to Sunday evening. KitGuru eats some cheese from behind the oven …

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Zalman CNPS9900 Max – does anyone remember Zalman?

A decade back, as AMD finally started to crawl out of the shadow of Intel’s persistent domination of the desktop CPU space, KitGurus in long shorts with patches on their elbows started to experiment with this amazing concept called overclocking. Back in the day, a highly-sharpened HB was perfect for …

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Catalyst 10.6 arrives and it’s free. Apparently.

KitGuru earlier today unveiled a world exclusive first look at the HD quality differences between the leading platforms. However, getting the highest scores needs the latest WHQL drivers. And they’re here. Everyone produces new drivers all the time. Drivers from nVidia are updated at least 12 times a year. You …

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GTX485 Launch: Less hot and noisy in the sack?

nVidia's Bill Dally wants Fermi cooler and quieter

While we all like the idea of hot lovers, GPU hotspots are a killer. Each generation of chip gets more and more complicated, creating unwanted ‘electrical friction’ – with billions of microscopic components interacting in unpredictable ways to generate current loss and heat. However, give an engineer time and he …

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