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From Mac mini and MacBook Air to iMac and mac pro – KitGuru has done all the hands-on testing needed to bring you the best Mac buying advice available.

Macintosh users targeted with fake ‘anti virus’ program

Macintosh users love the fact that they get very few virus infections, but there is a new and rather sinister program which is targeting the user base. Research is showing that the infection is four to five times higher than normal. The Malware is devious, because it is posing as …

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New MacBook Air models scheduled for end of June

Apple are releasing new MacBook Air models at the end of June. Our sources in Taipei are saying that the new machines will use the latest Sandybridge technology and will have the new Thunderbolt interface as well. Quanta Computer will be handling the main assembly procedure. Dynapack are dealing with …

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Apple to release new Macbook Pro in coming week

Apple are planning to introduce the new MacBook Pro notebooks as early as this coming week according to leaked information. Apple have been informing some of their larger European resellers that they can expect delivery of sealed product pallets to their stores as early as Monday which coincides with President’s …

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New Mac Pro with up to 12 CPU cores due for release

Apple has announced a new Macintosh Pro line up with support for up to 12 processing cores and 50 percent greater performance when compared with the last generation of machines. Apple are going to be using the new Intel quad core and 6 core Xeon processors with clock speeds up …

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Apple launch new Mac Mini – nVidia 320m graphics

This morning we noticed that Apple have silently upgraded the Mac Mini, complete with nVidia 320m graphics. Many people had been wondering if Apple were finally going to can the Mini as the updates have been longer coming but it seems that isn’t the case. The Mac Mini is a …

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Apple iPad review

‘Apple’ — It is a name synonymous with a strong emotional response. Never has a company evoked such a dramatic reaction from the enthusiast userbase – you either love ’em or hate ’em, there is little room for middle ground. I have been an Apple fan since I started my …

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iStat Menus hits 3

One of our favorite OSX monitoring apps has just hit version 3. Bringing to the table tools to monitor everything from battery usage to network traffic at a glance, Bjango’s iStat Menus is a must for any OSX geek. To quote some of the features: Realtime CPU graphs and a …

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