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From Mac mini and MacBook Air to iMac and mac pro – KitGuru has done all the hands-on testing needed to bring you the best Mac buying advice available.

OS X Yosemite update finally drops iPhoto

Back in February, we learned that Apple was finally working towards ditching iPhoto, along with Aperture, with a new ‘Photos’ app for the latest version of OS X, ‘Yosemite’. Now the time has finally come and the new app has been pushed out in an update. The developer version of …

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Apple will continue to repair MacBooks with GPU fault


It seems that some MacBooks that were sold between February of 2011, until December of 2013 started to develop some pretty severe graphical issues when they were used. Back in 2014 a class action lawsuit was even brought against Apple, as it knew that the laptops were defective and failed to properly compensate customers. …

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Capitalization of Apple could exceed $1 trillion

This week Carl Icahn, a well-known activist investor, as well as a leading financial analyst said that Apple’s stock has massive growth potential and that the company’s capitalization could exceed whopping $1 trillion, which would be the highest market cap of any public company ever. At present Apple’s stock is traded …

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Intel: Our processors will remain inside Apple Mac computers

Rumour about Apple’s plan to develop its own microprocessors for its Macintosh laptops have been circulating for many years now, but at present Intel Corp.’s microprocessors provide considerably better performance than Apple’s ARM-based chips. Brian Krzanich, chief executive officer of Intel, believes that the company’s chips will continue to be …

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Apple delays certain shipments of iMac 27” with retina 5K display

Apple experiences challenges fulfilling orders for its iMac 27” all-in-one desktops with 5K retina-class displays. Orders placed online right now will take weeks to be dispatched and some customers in the U.S. are notified about unexpected delays. Readers of 9-to-5Mac web-site complain that Apple has informed them that delivery of …

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Apple sells record amount of Macintosh personal computers

Apple on Tuesday revealed that sales of its Mac personal computers set all time record in the fiscal 2014 fourth quarter ended September 27, 2014. The company noted that the most popular Macintosh personal computers were the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro laptops. “We established an all-time quarterly record …

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Apple reveals 5K display iMac and new Mac Mini

Apple is finally pushing out its OS X Yosemite update to the public, featuring better power optimizations and major updates to all first party apps, including Safari, iTunes and the iWorks suite. A new version of OS X also means a new line of Macs, here is what Apple has in …

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AMD graphics will be powering upcoming iMac models

It looks like AMD and Apple are set to partner up for the upcoming 2014 iMac models, including the new 27 Inch version with 5K display. Over the last few years, Apple has primarily used Nvidia GPUs inside of its all in one machines and notebooks but the company reignited …

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Apple readies 27” iMac with 5K display

Apple was one of the first companies to release displays with resolution higher than full-HD about a decade ago, but in the new era of ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution the company seems to be behind the market. Apple still has not released a single product with UHD display. Still, it looks like …

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Apple may release a thinner Macbook this year

According to supply chain sources, Apple is preparing a thinner Macbook for release later this year, although it has not been specified whether it’s going to a part of the Pro or Air line of notebooks. The current Macbook Pro with Retina display comes in at 1.8cm thick while the …

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Apple Mac Pro finally ships immediately after purchase

Apple has finally managed to solve the issues with availability of its high-end Mac Pro workstations. At present the systems can be purchased and obtained in several days. Previously it took Apple up to six weeks to ship its flagship desktops to their owners. Although the Apple Mac Pro was …

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