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From Mac mini and MacBook Air to iMac and mac pro – KitGuru has done all the hands-on testing needed to bring you the best Mac buying advice available.

AMD graphics will be powering upcoming iMac models

It looks like AMD and Apple are set to partner up for the upcoming 2014 iMac models, including the new 27 Inch version with 5K display. Over the last few years, Apple has primarily used Nvidia GPUs inside of its all in one machines and notebooks but the company reignited …

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Apple readies 27” iMac with 5K display

Apple was one of the first companies to release displays with resolution higher than full-HD about a decade ago, but in the new era of ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution the company seems to be behind the market. Apple still has not released a single product with UHD display. Still, it looks like …

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Apple may release a thinner Macbook this year

According to supply chain sources, Apple is preparing a thinner Macbook for release later this year, although it has not been specified whether it’s going to a part of the Pro or Air line of notebooks. The current Macbook Pro with Retina display comes in at 1.8cm thick while the …

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Apple Mac Pro finally ships immediately after purchase

Apple has finally managed to solve the issues with availability of its high-end Mac Pro workstations. At present the systems can be purchased and obtained in several days. Previously it took Apple up to six weeks to ship its flagship desktops to their owners. Although the Apple Mac Pro was …

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First details about the MacBook Air 12” get revealed

While Apple MacBook Air family has probably been the most popular Apple laptops for quite some time now, they were not significantly updated in the last three years. A media report claims that Apple plans to introduce an all-new MacBook Air 12”, which will not only have larger display than …

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Apple Mac Pro shipping estimates slip to April

Apple’s online stores in the U.S. and the U.K. on Tuesday changed shipping estimates of the latest Mac Pro desktops to April, delaying the highly-anticipated product by another month. The reasons why Apple cannot ship the new workstations immediately are still not clear. Apple’s new Mac Pro utilizes numerous proprietary …

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Steve Jobs wanted Mac OS X to run on Sony Vaio PCs

One of the first things that Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple in the late nineties was to cancel all plans regarding making Apple Mac OS available to third-party PC makers. However, several years later he was considering to allow Sony to use the innovative OS X operating …

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