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AMD Radeon VII 16GB Review

Here, we take a further look at the impact of our overclock, looking at the increased temperatures, acoustics, power draw, and lastly, the effect had on the average clock speed.



Power consumption


Clearly, the ‘auto OC' option within Wattman is not great – despite me not being able to do any better via manual tweaking. That's because, even though it added just an extra 30MHz, it runs the fan curve to the absolute max – resulting in incredibly high noise levels, due to the fans hitting 3800RPM.

Because of this, we actually saw temperatures go down – barely any frequency was added, but the fans ramped up so fast the GPU ran cooler than it did at stock. Power consumption did increase by almost 40W, but on the whole I have to say – in my experience, at least – overclocking this card is not a worthwhile venture at all.

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