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AMD Radeon RX Vega64 8GB (Air) Review

Note: As already outlined, we had very little time to work with RX Vega64 (due to the proximity to Threadripper’s launch). As such, our overclocking testing has been very brief thus far. We continue to test overclocking and gather data and will update this page accordingly.

Update (14/08/17 at 18:00): Overclocking with the current state of available drivers is practically broken. The pre-release performance driver allows the card to be ‘overclocked’ to its maximum core frequency of 1980MHz but the actual clock speed never updates, as proven by identical performance results and similar power draw (when accounting for the increased power target). The ‘overclocking’ driver rushed to reviewers by AMD looks to result in nothing more than a black screen, system freeze, or lower-than-stock core speed when overclocking.

We will revisit overclocking performance when a more mature driver becomes available.

Brief overclocking testing using WattMan gave us some decent gains that give us more hope for our additional overclocking testing currently being conducted. Increasing the power target to 35%, setting the fan to around 66% (no higher in the early hours of Monday morning due to its sheer noise output), and using default voltage, we hit a frequency increase of 12.5% with stability.

Clock speeds throughout the five runs of Fire Strike Ultra Stress Test were 1832MHz and 1727MHz. The core spent more time at 1727MHz once the temperature had increased to 85°C (despite the higher fan speed). Power draw from the wall increase by almost 100W to around 550W.

We will continue to test overclocking performance with our RX Vega64 air-cooled sample. We have heard reports that 1900MHz may be possible and the brief time it took us to see 1727-1832MHz gives us confidence in pushing higher.

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