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Sapphire R9 390X Tri-X 8GB Review

As we spent another week testing all the hardware in this review with the same, latest drivers from both AMD and NVIDIA we thought it might be beneficial to also include results of the Sapphire R9 390 X Tri-X 8GB in its maximum overclocked state – alongside ‘out of the box' performance.

How far can the Sapphire R9 390X Tri-X be pushed? We used MSI Afterburner to get our results today.
We managed to increase the core clock to 1,144mhz before instability would occur – this translates to around a 8.4% increase in core speed. The GDDR5 memory exhibited headroom of an extra 9%.

All our graphs today will show performance from the Sapphire R9 390X Tri-X 8GB at ‘out of the box' speeds, along with a yellow arrow pointing upwards to indicate results at 1144mhz/1631mhz. This will show what you can expect out of the R9 390X architecture before it reaches a limit. Obviously not all cards will overclock to the same level, but this is a good indicator.

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