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Vodafone Tab Prime 6 Review

While a 2MP secondary camera does the job for your selfies, the main camera unit is 5MP – taking photos at a native resolution of 2560*1440.

Just starting with the pixel count, images are not especially sharp. Tablets do not typically have sensors bigger than 8MP, but the images from the Tab prime 6 do lack that bit of extra detail.

Colours are mostly okay, but images can appear washed-out. Strong ambient lighting allows for better shots, but you are not guaranteed results with this camera. One major issue is that the camera struggles to focus – as there is no tap-to-focus feature as with most other smartphones and tablets. This just means it is a hope-for-the-best lottery when taking photos.


HDR on (left) compared with HDR off

Another issue is HDR mode. Usually it can save a budget camera unit by creating well-balanced photos with greater contrast. However, I found it actually did the opposite – as you can see above. Overall, I would stay stick to your smartphone’s camera for your photography.

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