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Drobo 5C USB Type-C DAS Review


Drobo’s 5C is the world’s first self-managing USB-C storage device and is a replacement for the Drobo 4-Bay which is getting very long in the tooth. The 5C is a 5-bay DAS (Direct Attached Storage) unit that, as with all Drobo systems, uses the company’s BeyondRAID storage technology.  The Drobo …

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Seagate Xbox One 2TB Game Drive Review

We are all primarily PC gamers here at KitGuru, but that doesn’t mean we shy away from consoles. Today, we are taking a look at Seagate’s new 2TB ‘Game Drive’, made in partnership with Microsoft exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. While you can freely switch out the …

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Seagate Wireless 500GB mobile storage drive

Although the discerning media user likely already has a home server with wireless connectivity and remote access this kind of set up is not always ideal. In-fact, all it takes is for you to lose access to a decent internet connection and suddenly you are media free – which for some …

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LaCie 5Big 20TB Thunderbolt RAID Review

Thunderbolt, and lightning, very very frightening me! Tacky ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ quotes aside, it is great to see that the Thunderbolt interface is finally seeing some traction in the PC marketplace, having already experienced great success with Apple’s hardware. The major motherboard manufacturers are adopting Thunderbolt on a handful of their …

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