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Steam For Macintosh OS X Review

The Macintosh has never been pushed hard by Apple as a ‘gaming platform’ and several times in the past their company executives have even been dismissive of gaming in general, clearly wanting to focus more on professional editing and design applications. This attitude certainly hasn’t helped the Mac look attractive …

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XFX HD5870 Black Edition Review

XFX. Those three letters immediately conjure visions of video gaming excellence – especially when you delve into their high end product range. Without doubt, along with Sapphire, XFX have been producing some of the finest graphics cards on the market over the last decade. Today we have the chance to …

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Asus Rampage III Extreme Motherboard review

Asus has been leading the way with motherboard design for many years now and the Rampage series has been the foundation of their flagship Intel range for the past three generations – always pushing creative touches and overclocking performance to new levels. Today KitGuru has the latest iteration in our …

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Coolit ECO A.L.C. Review

A few years ago Coolit released the Domino cooler which at the time redefined liquid cooling for the ‘masses’ – bringing it out of the basement of hardcore enthusiast users and firmly into the mainstream market. Everyone wanted a Domino, they were affordable, well built (although not without some issues …

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Apple iPad review

‘Apple’ — It is a name synonymous with a strong emotional response. Never has a company evoked such a dramatic reaction from the enthusiast userbase – you either love ’em or hate ’em, there is little room for middle ground. I have been an Apple fan since I started my …

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Can MacBook Pro justify £1,900?

On Wednesday morning, Apple unveiled its brand new, 17″ MacBook Pro with a pricetag of £1,900. KitGuru was on hand to see if its worth taking that much damage to your wallet/mortgage/marriage. So what does your money buy ?  To be honest, on paper, not much. Intel’s Core2 Duo processor …

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