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Second Ashley Madison data dump reveals CEO’s emails

In response to claims from the company, that Ashley Madison customer data revealed earlier this week might not be real, the hackers responsible have released almost twice as much data again, this leak containing emails from the company’s CEO and founder, Noel Biderman. The dump also contained source code for the …

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Ashley Madison hack confirms paid-delete didn’t work

Although the hackers behind the recent data theft of infidelity website AshleyMadison.com claimed that they were doing so due to the twisted morality of the site, they also wanted to point out that the unscrupulous owners were happy to charge people to delete accounts and then not do so entirely. …

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Ashley Madison hacked data released in 10GB dump

Hackers that made off with the user account and financial details of some 40 million members of infidelity website, Ashey Madison, have made good on their threat and posted them online. The details, posted to a Dark Web address that is only accessibly by Tor, include usernames, passwords, account histories, …

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Hacked cheating ‘dating’ site drops account deletion fees

One of the more controversial aspects of the Ashley Madison ‘dating’ website, was that it actually charged users to delete their accounts, a practice that many felt was exploitative. So did the hackers, Impact Team, who claimed responsibility for the site’s recent hack and database thievery. With a threat hanging …

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Hackers threaten cheating site Ashley Madison over data dump

Dating sites often contain a lot more personal data on its users than your average website, so it’s important they keep that information secret. That goes doubly so for sites like Ashley Madison, which purport to help their members cheat on their spouses. Unfortunately for that particular networking tool however, hackers …

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