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Gearbox is gearing up for Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software is gearing up to start work on Borderlands 3 the development studio has reveled. Gearbox President, Randy Pitchford, teased the game during a panel at PAX South over the weekend, following the panel, he tweeted out that the studio was hiring for the upcoming project. “We are recruiting …

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Tales from the Borderlands available today

Telltale games has been working on point and click adventures for some time now, expanding some of the most well beloved universes of games, movies and TV. But it took things to a new level when it made the Walking Dead episodic series. It felt like a whole new kind of …

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Gearbox Headquarters receives hoax bomb threat

Gearbox, the developer behind the Borderlands series and Aliens: Colonial Marines, received a bomb threat at its headquarters last Friday. Oddly enough, the threat was called in at around 7:30 PM, after most of the employees had already gone home but once the bomb squad arrived, it was revealed that …

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Borderlands update paves way for Steamworks

Borderlands is the latest title to be saved from the Gamespy shutdown as a new update removes the title's SecuROM DRM and paves the way for Steam Works integration. Right now Borderlands is a multiplayer-less game but co-op will soon be making a return for those who still play. The …

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Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is official

Yesterday we reported on rumours of a Borderlands Pre-Sequel, which was said to be in development at 2K Australia and it turns out that the rumour was true, a new Borderlands game is in the works and not being worked on by Gearbox. The game will be set in space …

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Rumour: Boderlands 1.5 pre-sequel in the works

Get that pinch of salt ready people, as the rumour mill just pumped out a doozy: 2K Australia – of The Bureau fame – is working on another Borderlands game, not a sequel, or a prequel, but a pre-sequel, set between the two games and with players gunning their way …

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