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Update: Twitch AutoMod is already having some success


The automated moderation algorithm introduced by gaming streaming site, Twitch, earlier this week, is already paying dividends. According to a number of streamers who traditionally have to deal with abuse or fighting in their attached chat, the number of people saying mean stuff has fallen dramatically. Traditionally, viewing any popular …

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Twitch to host its own convention this year

Twitch has decided that it is going to start hosting its own convention this year. TwitchCon was announced yesterday and will hit San Fransisco in September from the 25th to the 26th. According to the official announcement page, this will be a ‘interactive convention’, inviting in broadcasters and viewers alike. …

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Microsoft working on game streaming tech codenamed Arcadia

Apparently, Microsoft is working on a new game streaming technology codenamed Arcadia. New reports claim that the Arcadia team is currently working on building a streaming application and game service, with the new technology replacing Rio, which the company demonstrated during September last year. Arcadia is built on Microsoft’s Azure …

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Playstation Now entering open beta

Playstation Now will be entering open beta later today in the US but Sony wants to remind users that all current prices are not set in stone yet and could change upon receiving feedback. When the closed beta first launched, Sony faced a lot of criticism over its streaming service’s overly …

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