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Netflix insists its VPN blockade isn’t hurting business

It has been a few months since Netflix officially announced that it would be taking a harder stance against VPN users and those trying to circumvent geographical content restrictions. This has been a fairly controversial move but apparently, it isn't having an effect at all on the company's pocket. During …

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EU Commission may make geo-blocking invalid in Europe

As much as digital streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon have offered us more content in the past few years than has ever been so easily accessible before, one major frustration remains: geo-blocking. However in the future we may all have the same content available, as the European Commission (EUC) …

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The EU Commission aiming to get rid of geo-blocks

The European Commission has announced plans to create a single digital market that will stretch across Europe, removing geo-blocks for shows across the continent. Copyright laws will also be updated to fit in better with the digital age. The EU Commission has detailed 16 policies that will help it achieve …

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Anti-Piracy initiative requires VPN outside of the US

It seems that Hollywood has completely missed the point once again. MPAA backed anti-piracy initiative, WheretoWatch.com is a tool designed to point consumers towards legal alternatives to piracy but there is a catch, it is only accessible to those in the US, meaning a VPN is required if people elsewhere …

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