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Facebook Messenger to begin displaying adverts

If you thought using Facebook’s Messenger application was a good way to avoid seeing all of the adverts on the Facebook main site, think again. In what will begin as a small-scale trial in select territories, Facebook is set to begin running adverts within the app itself, providing links to …

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Facebook set to recruit army of chat bots for customer service

As much as companies have made great strides in improving customer service over the past few years, offering social media responses, live-chats on websites and more localised call centres, they’re still far from perfect. To help improve that, Facebook is looking to recruit chat bots to answer more people’s questions, …

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Facebook to start showing ads in Messenger

It looks like Facebook will soon be monetizing its Messenger app with paid advertisements some time in the next few months. Facebook is currently distributing a document to business partners indicating that they will be able to send ad messages to customers directly starting this year though businesses will only …

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WhatsApp to start sharing data with Facebook

While it is common knowledge at this point that Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, the company hasn’t actually done much with the messenger app until recently. Just last week it was announced that WhatsApp would no longer require a yearly subscription and now, it seems that the app is …

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WhatsApp is dropping its subscription and will be ad-free

It has almost been two years since Facebook purchased WhatsApp for a massive $19 billion but since then, the company hasn’t really done anything with it or changed the way it operates at all. However, one big change is finally happening- WhatsApp is dropping its annual subscription entirely. WhatsApp’s subscription …

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