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Sony is bringing PS4 to PC remote play in next update

Back in November last year, Sony announced that it would soon be allowing PC owners to stream games from the PlayStation 4 console using the Remote Play feature. Now, that functionality is finally arriving and will be included in the upcoming V3.50 update for the PS4. This will allow PS4 …

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The Steam Link and controller now have a release date

Valve’s Steam Machine dream may have died down a bit but that doesn’t mean that it has given up on the idea of bringing PC gaming to the living room entirely. We’ve been following the Steam controller throughout its development for some time now and a while back, Valve also …

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NZXT to launch DOKO PC streaming box

NZXT is now targeting PC gaming in the living room thanks to its new PC game streaming box, the DOKO. The micro-console was announced today and will stream desktop titles to your TV at full 1080p resolution for $99. The box isn’t only intended for gamers though, it is capable …

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Nvidia to launch Shield Black Friday bundle this week

Nvidia is set to launch its own Black Friday bundle for the Nvidia Shield tablet in the UK and the US this week, giving shoppers the chance to get their hands on the tablet, the controller, the Greenbox bundle and free access to Nvidia’s recently launched GRID cloud gaming service. …

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You can play PC games on your Wii U gamepad

While the number of people that want to and are capable of doing what the title suggests might be a relatively small group – even smaller if you consider the technical know how required to make it happen – that doesn’t mean it’s not a pretty impressive hack. During the …

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