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H1Z1 is splitting in to two separate games

After some time in early access, Daybreak Studios is now splitting H1Z1 into two separate games. While H1Z1 initially launched as an open-world zombie survival multiplayer game, it eventually got the Battle Royale game mode, which essentially plays out like the hunger games where a group of players compete to …

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TPP could force state owned businesses to operate for profit only

The currently ongoing discussions by politicians from various countries about the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), has drawn the ire of many privacy advocates, doctors and technological professionals the world over, despite us knowing only a little about it. However following further Wikileaks reveals, the wool is gradually being pulled …

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Sony has sold SOE

Sony has sold off Sony Online Entertainment to an investment management firm known as Columbus Nova. The developer will now be re-branded as Daybreak Game Company and will finally be able to make games for other platforms. SOE has been responsible for many multiplayer titles, including DC Universe, EverQuest, the …

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PSN DDOS hackers tweet bomb threat for Sony president flight

John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment, recently tweeted that we was flying “back to SD”, so would be offline for three hours. However what happened over the next few was somewhat different than what you might expect. A hacking group that is also claiming responsibility for a recent …

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SOE reveals H1Z1 monetization plans

Sony Online Entertainment recently announced its free to play title, H1Z1, another zombie survival game. Like with any free to play game, monetisation will play a huge part in the title's success so trying to keep things fair and balanced is key. SOE had its first monetisation planning meeting this …

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SOE: PlanetSide 2 pop-up ads aren’t going away

If you've been playing PlanetSide 2 recently then you may have noticed that SOE has implemented a new notification system. This new system will give free players little pop-up ads which periodically ask them if they want to upgrade to a premium membership. Many players began receiving these notifications several …

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