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NASA begrudgingly agrees microwave space thruster works

Space exploration costs billions and billions of dollars, which is why it's serious business. NASA is firmly of that mind set and doesn't go about validating bogus theories willy nilly, but this week it's – seemingly begrudgingly – lent credence to the practical application of a microwave space drive that …

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Bonsai and flowers on the edge of space, for art

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who watched Felix Baumgartner take that leap from the edge of space nearly two years ago. Amazing right? Beautiful really. Well that's what some artists have been hoping to replicate with a project called Exobiotanica, which involved sending plants up to similar sorts of …

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NASA to use smartphones for robotic intelligence

In just three days time, NASA is set to send a handful of Android smartphones into orbit, with plans to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) and deliver supplies. However those smartphones will do more than just let the astronauts get a quick game of Angry Birds in before …

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Morpheus methane moon lander completes eighth free flight

NASA's Morpheus moon lander, which runs on a much cleaner, methane/oxygen mix, has gone through another test flight at the Kennnedy Space Centre and performed brilliantly, making use of its vertical take off and landing (VTOL) system for both ascent and descent. Most impressively of course, it did this in …

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China’s first rover will rest forever on the moon

China recently made a big splash in the cosmos, when it sent its first rover to the surface of the moon. Yutu made it there and pootled about for a while, conducting basic experiments and generally leaving its made-in-china footprint on the surface of another solar body. However, mechanical problems …

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Giant 3D printer can build a house in 24 hours

3D printing has come along way in recent years and now it has been pushed even further as Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis, from the University of Southern California, claims to have developed a 3D printer capable of constructing a house in just a single day. The machine manages to replace construction …

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Apollo landing sites to be given World Heritage status

For the first time in history, plots of land outside of the confines of our small planet, are set to be given World Heritage Site status, future-proofing these areas to help protect them against any disturbance than might occur when we expand our borders to establish legitimate colonies on other …

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Largest and lightest solar sail set to launch in 2014

Bruce Willis

NASA may have just got the Curiosity Rover back online, but researchers are already making plans for future projects, one of which is the 2014 launch window for the world's biggest solar sail, known as the Sunjammer project. A solar sail works by harnessing a combination of light and high …

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UK gives go ahead for graphene development


Graphene, the wonder material that's light, strong and impressively conductive, has now been given the go ahead by British chancellor of the exchequer, with plans to commercialise the substance thanks to a £22 million investment. While this won't mean we'll soon be wearing graphene shoes and hats, it could mean …

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Iranian scientist pioneers deep space freeze programming

Here on Earth, we think that temperature extremes involve moving from summer in the Middle East (regularly up to 50 degrees) right through to winter in the Arctic (regularly down to -50 degrees). But when you move into space, the numbers change. Work by an Iranian scientist has pushed the …

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Nasa wants you – to make infographics

Nasa Wants You

NASA is an organisation that likes to look at space, take pictures and take notes. In other words, looking up at that big black canvas, Nasa has determined a lot of things, which means a lot of data. In-fact, NASA has so much data that it's difficult to sift through …

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Over 1,000 planets found by Kepler spacecraft

Exciting news for our space faring readers today. The Kepler spacecraft, searching distances far beyond our solar system has found more than 1,000 possible planets which are orbiting distant stars, and it least 54 of them are within their suns ‘habitable zones', where environmental temperatures could support liquid water and …

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