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Sapphire RX 570 Pulse Review

Rating: 8.5.

Having reviewed a couple of new AMD RX 500-series cards on launch day, we are supplementing those initial reviews with a look at Sapphire’s RX 570 Pulse 4GB card. The Pulse series is a new addition to Sapphire’s line-up, and essentially it is meant to offer the quality of Sapphire graphics cards at lower prices by ditching some of the extra, potentially superfluous features that the Nitro+ family include.

Personally I think this is very smart, as if Sapphire can deliver a strong graphics card that performs well and costs less than the competition, then it is surely onto a winner. In this review, we benchmark the Sapphire RX 570 Pulse 4GB against the competition in a number of the latest games and synthetic tests before offering our final verdict.

GPU AMD RX 480 AMD RX 580 AMD RX 470 AMD RX 570 AMD R9 390
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Nvidia GTX 1060
Streaming Multiprocessors / Compute Units
 36 36 32 32 40 6 10
GPU Cores  2304 2304  2048 2048 2560 768 1280
Texture Units 144 144  128 128  160 48 80
ROPs 32  32  32 32  64 32 48
Base Clock  1120 MHz 1257 MHz  926 MHz 1168 MHz Up to 1000MHz 1290 MHz 1506 MHz
GPU Boost Clock  1266 MHz 1340 MHz  1206 MHz  1244 MHz Up to 1000MHz 1392 MHz 1708 MHz
Total Video memory 4096 or 8192 MB 4096 or 8192 MB  4096 or 8192 MB 4096 MB  8192 MB 4096 MB 6144 MB
Memory Clock (Effective)
1750 (7000) or 2000 (8000) MHz 2000 (8000) MHz  1650 (6600) MHz  1750 (7000) MHz  1500 (6000) MHz  1752 (7008) MHz 2002 (8008) MHz
Memory Bandwidth  224 or 256 GB/s  256 GB/s 211 GB/s  224 GB/s 384 GB/s 112 GB/s 192 GB/s
Bus Width  256-bit   256-bit    256-bit  256-bit  512-bit 128-bit 192-bit
Manufacturing Process 14nm  14nm 14nm  14nm 28nm 16nm 16nm
TDP  150 W  185 W 120 W 150 W 275 W 75W 120 W

This Sapphire RX 570 does come with a slight factory overclock, at 1284 MHz (a 27 MHz increase over reference speeds).

It is also worth noting some of the features that the Pulse cards do not have. When compared to the Nitro+ series, features that are lacking include:

  • Extra LED fans
  • Dual-BIOS functionality
  • RGB Sapphire logo
  • NITRO Boost
  • NITRO FanCheck
  • NITRO CoolTech (NCT)
  • Robust VRM cooling

Clearly, the Pulse cards are designed to ‘just work’, so the performance of this RX 570 in games and benchmarks will go a long way to determining whether or not it is worth buying.

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  • Keyser Söze

    Excellent review; and it would be nice to see you you could label the release year of the games you use for benchmarking, as point of reference as well.

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