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Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X 12 GB (SLI)

To overclock today we are using the latest version of MSI’s Afterburner based on the excellent Rivatuner.
overclocking speeds
We managed to squeeze another 18% from the core before the system would hardlock or artifacting would occur. We don’t tend to push the GDDR5 memory much on these cards as it has minimal impact on overall performance. One card could be overclocked a tiny bit further than the other – to a boost speed of 1,301mhz.

It is easy to increase the temperature threshold from 84c to 91c – the maximum possible. Power draw can be increased to 110%.
We overclocked both cards to a boost speed of 1,280mhz and the graphics score increased noticeably from 41,721 points to 45,796 points.

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