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DinoPC Primal GT0 System Review (FX8320/RX480)

On the whole, the DinoPC Primal GT0 system is an effective gaming machine that can do the job.

For starters, it is a good-looking rig. Red cable extensions are tastefully used, while there are also red LED fans and an RGB lighting strip. Admittedly, the RGB strip is slightly redundant given some of its colours clash with the red fans. However, white or red lights do look good, and certainly adds some pizazz.

I do question the inclusion of the AMD FX-8320 CPU, though. It certainly shows its age in some tests – lagging behind the Intel Core i5-6500 in our Handbrake video encoding test, as well as SiSoft Sandra's CPU arithmetic benchmark.


For gaming, however, the GT0 is capable. The RX 480 steals the show, offering great frame rates across our game selection. However, Grand Theft Auto V did lag behind somewhat – and I wonder if this down to the AMD CPU.

Noise levels are a slight concern too, as the system has a total of 7 fans which are certainly capable of producing a racket. Even when idling, there is a constant whirr coming from the machine.

Whether you should buy this rig, then, comes down to a matter of compromises. Do you mind having a rather ageing, power-hungry CPU? Is it an issue if the system is not silent by any means? Do you prioritise aesthetics over bang-for-buck?

The last point is key here, as the DinoPC Primal GT0 costs £899. For £100 less, you can get the PCSpecialist Hyperion Master complete with the RX 480. Admittedly it does not look as good, but it can offer the raw performance of an Intel Core i5 at a lower price.

Despite all of this, the GT0 is a capable gaming PC, and certainly a good looking one. There are just a few issues worth considering before you buy it.

You can pick one up from DinoPC for £899 HERE. Alternatively, for just £100 more, you can pick up the GT0 with an AOC 24″ G2460VQ6 FreeSync monitor and TT eSports Commander Gaming Gear Combo HERE.

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  • RX 480 offers good 1080p frame rates.
  • Good-looking system.
  • RGB lighting is funky.


  • Fairly noisy.
  • FX-8320 is pretty old now.
  • RGB lighting seems redundant when there are already red LED fans in the system.
  • There are cheaper RX 480-based systems available.

KitGuru says: If you do not mind the compromises, the DinoPC Primal GT0 is an attractive gaming PC capable of great 1080p frame rates. The compromises, however, are just one too many – which prevents the GT0 earning a higher award.


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Rating: 7.5.

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