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HTC Google Nexus 9 Tablet Review

The primary shooter on the Nexus 9 is 8MP, taking images at a native resolution of 3280*2460. There is a 1.6MP secondary camera on the front. As it is a Google device, Google’s own camera app is used.

IMG_20150412_171453 IMG_20150412_171431
The camera really is nothing special, but then again the camera is rarely an area manufacturers focus on with tablets.

IMG_20150412_172220 IMG_20150412_172158
Images have a reasonably good depth of colour and detail, with acceptable lighting too. Often the camera would fail to accurately make out the sky in outdoor shots, so it seems exposure in sunlight is an issue.

Mostly, though, image quality is sound, with 8MP providing a good amount of detail to your photos. The front camera, too, is fairly decent – more than enough for selfies or Skype chats.

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