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HTC Google Nexus 9 Tablet Review

We find that mobile devices tend to prioritise either style or substance – and the Nexus 9 definitely prioritises the latter. The Tegra K1 CPU chip is a beastly performer, ripping through the benchmarks and handling normal usage very well.

The battery life is also strong, and should last more than a day on a single charge, provided usage is not extreme.

For a tablet, the 8MP camera is more than good enough – since tablets are not often used primarily for their camera capabilities anyway. When you do use it though, colours reproduce well and lighting is quite good. It does have a tendency to overexpose images with strong sunlight.

While the 8.9-inch display is crisp with 281 PPI, colours do seem washed-out slightly so that is a bit disappointing. To offset this, though, there are excellent viewing angles, so sharing the screen is no problem at all.

The design is the weakest area of the tablet. It is just not premium, and feels like something we would expect from a sub-£150 device rather than a £300 flagship. We like the stereo speakers included, but the plastic back is a definite let-down.

If you can look past this, it’s a great tablet and a nice size, too. If you’re after a device with a premium feel, though, you may be better off with the iPad Air.

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  • Very powerful chip.
  • Sharp resolution.
  • Strong viewing angles.
  • Solid battery life.
  • Decent camera.
  • Stereo speakers.


  • Cheap design.
  • Colour reproduction is not the best.

KitGuru says: It is certainly a powerful tablet, so if you need something to handle heavy tasks, look no further than the Nexus 9. Unfortunately, it is let down by its build quality.

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Rating: 8.0.

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