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U.S. DOJ and Facebook/WhatsApp may clash over encryption

As the case of the FBI against Apple continues to draw eyeballs and backing for both camps from various parties, Facebook and its WhatsApp service may have their own clash with the U.S. legal system. The Department of Justice is struggling with a case where a wiretap cannot be performed …

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Kim Dotcom: U.S. offered plea deal, I refused

While the United States has been pretty tight lipped about its ongoing attempts to extradite and imprison internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, the German native has been very vocal about his side of the equation. In a recent Q&A on Slashdot, the Megaupload founder even suggested that the U.S. had attempted …

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US Department of Justice indefinite data retention denied

The United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) recently tried to extend its right to hold on to harvested metadata on US and foreign nationals from five years, to forever, citing reasons such as defending against government lawsuits and requiring evidence gathered by its snooping schemes. However, to the surprise of …

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DOJ demand decryption of laptop to investigate scam

Obama’s administration have told a federal judge to order a woman, accused of a mortgage scam in America to decrypt her laptop so they can get access to files relating to the case. This news story is hitting hard on tech sites, as it could be an integral case for …

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