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New motherboard firmware updates hint at “next-gen processors”

Two motherboard manufacturers have recently released new firmware updates in preparation for Intel's next-generation CPUs. ASRock and Asus have taken the lead by deploying firmware updates for their B760M PG Sonic WiFi and ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboards, explicitly stating support for upcoming processors. The new BIOS for the ASRock …

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Microsoft may invest in Android spin-off developer

Microsoft's take on the mobile industry hasn't ever been particularly strong. It has rebounded a little with its Nokia purchase and the recent Windows Phone push, but it is far and away the second fiddle and third wheel of the industry dominated by iOS and Android handsets. However that may …

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Sony releases no-menu bug fix PS3 update

Sony released a patch earlier this week that caused a small number of PS3 owners to suddenly have a useless machine – as the main menu wouldn't appear after a reboot. Sony quickly pulled the patch but for some people it was too late. Now though, with a little bit …

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Sony’s latest PS3 patch has been bricking consoles

The newly released (and most recently pulled) patch from Sony for its PS3 has been bricking the consoles of many that download it. The patch in question shouldn't be available any more so don't fret, but just in-case, don't download anything that looks like a 4.45 firmware update, just yet. …

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