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Theme Hospital is now free on Origin

Chances are if you ever played the PC strategy, management classic, Theme Hospital when it was first released back in 1997, then you already re-purchased it sometime in the past few years on GoG. Still, if you haven't or you simply weren't aware of its existence before now, the seminal …

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GoG’s DRM-free ‘Big Fall Sale’ begins

One of the best parts about GoG, is that whether you're buying one of the site's newest games, or its oldest, you get a DRM free installation that isn't beholden to some archaic software or login system. It's a beautiful experience for a PC gamer and it continues to be …

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GOG giving away classic Aliens VS Predator 2000

GOG, the DRM free games store likes to give away classic games occasionally, it previously gave away the classic Fallout titles and the company has now teamed up with developer, Rebellion, to give away the classic Alien VS Predator 2000 game. There is a small catch, GOG is looking to …

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GOG starts selling DRM free gaming documentaries

Digital distributor, GOG, has begun selling DRM free gaming oriented documentaries on its store. The company is hoping that eventually it will be able to convince hollywood studios to sell DRM free versions of TV shows and movies through its store, although so far the talks have been unsuccessful. GOG.com's North …

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Ubisoft admits that DRM doesn’t stop piracy

Yesterday we reported on GOG.com's thoughts on DRM and how the industry needs to move away from it. Today in the aftermath of that discussion, Ubisoft has admitted that DRM doesn't actually prevent piracy and thinks that more companies should focus on making games that people want to pay for …

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GOG: Gamers are not criminals and do not need DRM

Should the video games industry rid itself off Digital Rights Management (DRM)? According to GOG North America boss, Guillaume Rambourg, it absolutely should. GOG has always taken a negative approach to DRM, in-fact no game on the store is allowed to include any form of rights management. DRM is used …

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Windows 8 supports most GoG titles


We've posted a lot of hate here for Microsoft's latest Windows operating system in the past few weeks, about sales numbers, how some people think its misguided, that it's not that fast for gaming – and of course there's been talk from Gabe Newell and Markus Persson about how it's …

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