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Fable Fortune is closing down

Following the closure of Lionhead studios back in April 2016, it came to light that a few of the developers there were working on a Fable-based card game. Upon leaving, those developers worked out a deal with Microsoft to keep the game alive under the name ‘Fable Fortune’. The game ended up …

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Peter Molynuex would be open to doing Fable 4

Microsoft officially closed down Lionhead Studios over the last few weeks and while the company did consider some offers from buyers, it didn't want to give up the rights to Fable, which is arguably the most well-known series to come out of Lionhead in years. This means that Microsoft may …

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Lionhead Studios is officially closing down today

After two decades as a staple game studio here in the UK, producing franchises like Black and White as well as Fable, Lionhead Studios is officially closing its doors today. We learned last month that Microsoft was ‘proposing' its closure after the cancellation of Fable Legends and now, it seems that …

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Sony is looking to recruit ex-Lionhead developers

Sad news hit long-time PC gamers this week, as it was announced on Monday that Lionhead studios, the company responsible for classics like Black and White and the original Fable, was being shuttered by parent firm Microsoft. Fortunately though, it looks like just having worked there will get you in …

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Lionhead Studios reveals canceled game InkQuest

Lionhead Studios, the developer behind the Fable series, has revealed InkQuest, a now canceled game from the studio's lesser known ‘incubation team', which is in charge of experimenting with new game ideas and showing them off to gauge public reaction. The Microsoft owned development company has been dabbling in new …

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Microsoft just hired Jonathan Ross

Well I didn't expect this news when I woke up this morning. Radio and TV presenter Jonathan Ross has been hired by Microsoft to work as an executive producer on upcoming Xbox One titles at famed first party developers like Rare and Lionhead. It's not clear if there's some specific …

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