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Suzi Perry reveals Fleetlights Guardian Drones


While the vast majority of drone projects seem focused on photography, video surveillance or acts of war – Direct Line insurance has been investing in new ways to use unmanned aerial vehicles to help preserve life in novel ways. KitGuru was invited to experience the Fleetlights project at Wrotham Park and to see, first …

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Apple open-sources its benchmarking software for Swift

Apple has announced today that it is open-sourcing the benchmarking tools which are used to measure performance of code and software written using the Swift programming language. The tools have already been published on GitHub under the open-source Apache license much like the rest of Swift. The announcement was made …

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The Open-Source VR headset is being upgraded

The open source virtual reality initiative has been floating around for a while now. The OSVR headset has been backed by plenty of companies, included Razer and in October, the development kit is set to receive some pretty big upgrades. The new OSVR headset will launch next month, featuring a …

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Apple’s Swift programming language is going open source

Apple revealed quite a bit of information last night at its annual WWDC event. One particularly interesting bit of news was that Apple's programming language, Swift, is going to make the switch to open source, bringing support for iOS, OS  X and Linux. Swift was revealed by Apple last year …

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Razer announces new open-source virtual reality platform and headset

Razer has announced a new open-source virtual reality platform, ‘OSVR', alongside an OSVR virtual reality development kit headset. Razer is attempting to standardize the virtual reality platform with this new open-source approach, which will be supported by many companies currently working with the technology. The OSVR headset will allow programmers …

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Microsoft launches new version of Visual Studio

Microsoft has released a new, fully featured and free version of its Visual Studio program, opening up its set of tools for all developers. The key highlights of the announcement include open sourcing the full server-side .NET core stack, releasing the fully featured Visual Studio Community 2013 for free, launching …

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