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Reddit to give shares to the community

Reddit’s current CEO, Yishan Wong, has announced that he plans to distribute part ownership of the social networking site to the community, through a new share system backed by a brand new cryptocurrency. Operating a little like bitcoin, the crpyotcurrency will have value based on Reddit’s value, letting users trade it, …

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Reddit made a killing on the celebrity nude scandal

Reddit recently banned the main groups associated with the “Fappening,” which saw prominent female celebrities’ personal photographs leaked onto the internet and distributed via links and uploads to relevant subreddits and just about everywhere else on the web. However before Reddit dropped the banhammer on all forums associated with the event, …

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Prostate Cancer Foundation returns Fappening Redditor donations

While the world of gaming has been embroiled in the whole #GamerGate fiasco, the celebrity bloggers and many an internet community have been frothing over something else entirely. The celebrity nude scandal, or if you’d rather, “The Fappening,” involved the leaking of hundreds of nude photographs of prominent actresses, models and …

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Snoop gatecrashed Will Ferrell’s Reddit AMA

If you were participating in the Will Ferrell AMA on Reddit yesterday, chances are you were excited to hear about a potential sequel to Step Brothers, or find out just exactly what Mark Wahlberg smells like, but what you wouldn’t have expected was Snoop Dogg/Lion to show up and try …

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Live action GTA V trailer in the works

Some images have shown up online for a supposed live-action trailer of Rockstar’s upcoming GTA V game, featuring crashed cars, destroyed environments and all the sort of mayhem you’d expect from a game in the GTA series – apart from cops getting shot with rocket launchers that is. The following …

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US politician to ask Reddit how to best protect web freedoms

Zoe Lofgren

Zoe Lofgren, current representative for California’s 16th congressional district, will be taking to Reddit on the 19th of November to ask the site’s users how they think web freedoms would best be protected. Their responses will help build a new piece of legislation that will be put before congress in …

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Barack Obama’s Reddit AMA

Barack Obama

While the Ask Me Anything threads on Reddit are often hosted by interesting and important people, tonight the cast just got a little more star studded. President Barack Obama began his own AMA about an hour ago and has been fielding questions from members. While a sceptical mind might immediately …

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Reddit clamp down on child pornography

Some good news this morning as Reddit have decided to ban the posting of sexually suggestive and exploitative images of children. It may seem like a logical course of action, but Reddit have been dealing with child pornography on a ‘case by case’ basis for years now. This means that …

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