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Canadian researcher patents LI-RAM technology

A researcher at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, has developed a new technology for use with a magneto-resistive type of memory which promises to solve part of the universal memory dilemma equation. Dr. Natia Frank, an Associate Professor and Researcher at the UVic Department of Chemistry, has patented  what …

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Researcher unveils 10 million people’s passwords

If you have been using the same password for years, then perhaps this will encourage you not to. A researcher by the name of Mark Burnett, has released a list of over 10 million passwords and usernames which he was able to harvest in clear text from various websites and …

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Amazon to trial drone delivery in the UK

Remember that video from late last year that seemed to show Amazon's plans to use unmanned drones to deliver packages to customers that live near distribution centres? It was initially thought to be a bit of an attention grabber leading up to Christmas, but apparently there was some truth to …

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Giant 3D printer can build a house in 24 hours

3D printing has come along way in recent years and now it has been pushed even further as Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis, from the University of Southern California, claims to have developed a 3D printer capable of constructing a house in just a single day. The machine manages to replace construction …

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Americans are less enamoured with Apple and Google

You'd be forgiven for not really taking this research about Apple and Google seriously, considering how many smartphones and other devices each company has sold in the last year, but apparently it is the case. According to YouGov BrandIndex, Americans really aren't as fond of both firms as they were …

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Biggest music pirates also buy the most music

Music Data

A new study by the American Assembly at Columbia University has presented more evidence against the copyright lobbyists' claims that pirates are the biggest music ‘thieves,' suggesting instead that those that download the most music illegally, tend to buy the most music as well. The research analysed the music listening habits of …

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Can you spot a psycho in a tweet?

Patrick Bateman

A team of researchers at the Florida Atlantic University, working with the Online Privacy Foundation and Kaggle, have been trying to discover if psychopathy can be detected through a person's tweets. So far, it seems like if the context is right, it's possible. The study used previous research from Cornell …

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Analysts ponder 3% drop in chip market for 2012

While everyone seems to agree that 2013 will be lucky for most, 2012 is definitely turning into a disaster zone for most of the chip producers on the planet, in one way or another. Analysts at the Carnegie Group are now saying that they think they predicted 2012 to be …

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Size of UK market for SSD in 2011 revealed

Not many things will increase the performance of an existing system as much as GPU, CPU and SSD. KitGuru spends a lot of time in the Lab looking at this kind of thing, so we know what we're talking about. While every PC has some form of CPU and GPU, …

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