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Wireless charging, wireless docking and smart sensing will remain exotic PC features

When Intel Corp. revealed first details about its mobile platforms powered by its code-named “Skylake” microprocessors about a year ago, the company said that the new systems would feature a number of innovative technologies, including wireless charging, fast wireless docking, Thunderbolt 3 interconnection, RealSense cameras and so on. But while …

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Not all USB type-C ports are equal: Nine versions of USB-C incoming

The reversible USB type-C connector is something that the industry has been waiting for since the introduction of the original USB bus in 1997. This year PCs, computer components and mobile devices finally started to incorporate USB-C receptacles, but not all implementations necessarily support all features introduced by the latest …

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Intel, Inventec demo Thunderbolt 3-based external graphics solutions

Intel Corp. and Inventec demonstrated external graphics processing solutions featuring Thunderbolt 3 interface at the Intel Developer Forum this week. The devices are based on reference designs and it is unknown when the products could hit the market. Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 interface offers 40Gb/s of bandwidth (about 5GB/s), which is …

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Intel speeds-up introduction of unlocked Core i5/i7 ‘Broadwell’ processors

Intel Corp. has pulled-in introduction of its next-generation mainstream enthusiast-class microprocessors code-named “Broadwell-Unlocked” and “Broadwell-K” by several months, according to a slide the chip giant allegedly demonstrated to its partners earlier this week. The slide also confirms that Intel plans to introduce its code-named “Skylake-S” microprocessors for desktops already in …

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Intel Skylake PC platform: quad-core CPUs, new graphics, new chipsets

As previously reported, despite of the delay of the code-named Broadwell lineup of central processing units, Intel Corp.’s code-named Skylake chips are on-track to be introduced in 2015. Since preparations for introduction of the new platform are already underway in south-east Asia, the first leaks about the Skylake and systems …

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