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VESA releases updated DisplayPort “Alt Mode”

Video Electronics Standards Association – or VESA for short – has announced the specifications of DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0, that enables all the latest capabilities of DisplayPort through a USB Type-C connector, including “beyond-8K resolution and higher refresh rates, along with USB data delivery”. On April 29 VESA announced that it has released …

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VESA develops certification system to help define HDR quality

Narrowing the choice of displays has always been a difficult process, with customers having to factor in resolution, refresh rate, size for its relative pixel-per-inch and many other nitty gritty details that lead to the optimal experience. To lighten the load, VESA has attempted to give a clearer definition of …

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VESA’s new eDP 1.4a standard enables 8K UHD embedded displays

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) on Monday published the Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) standard version 1.4a. The new standard allows to build ultra-high-definition panels for embedded applications with up to 8K*4K (7680*4320) resolutions. The new eDP 1.4a standard also supports AdaptiveSync technology. The eDP v1.4a standard leverages the VESA DisplayPort …

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VESA adds Adaptive Sync technology to DisplayPort standard

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) on Monday announced that the future implementations of the DisplayPort 1.2a standards will feature Adaptive Sync technology that is supposed to synchronize refresh rates of displays with actual frame-rate that is displayed. The feature will make games and video run much smoother than currently. …

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Antec ISK 110 VESA Case Review

Today we are going to look at the Antec ISK 110 VESA which is a small form factor PC case that can be attached to the back of your monitor to save space.  It’s designed to be as compact as possible, only supporting the smallest components.  This makes it ideal …

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