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Intel Core i7 4790K Devil’s Canyon Review (inc. Overclocking)


We used 3DMark‘s ‘Fire Strike’ benchmark which is designed to be used on gaming PCs. We opted for the Normal setting, NOT the Extreme mode.


3dm-1 3dm-oc

PCMark 8 v2

We used the ‘Home’ test in PCMark 8 v2 to analyse the general-usage performance of each processor configuration.

pcmark 8

pcm8-stock pcm-8-oc


WinRAR’s built in benchmark and hardware test can help us outline the performance differentials between each processor configuration. We record the amount of data processed after a 30-second run.


winrar-stock winrar-oc

Futuremark’s benchmarks show positive results with Devil’s Canyon’s increased CPU frequency. As expected, the 4.5GHz 4770K sits between the stock and overclocked 4790K in 3DMark and PCMark 8 performance.

WinRAR shows very little performance improvement unless a substantial clock boost is applied. Limitations in the WinRAR benchmarking procedure also make it difficult to observe minimalistic performance differentials.

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