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TPP could force state owned businesses to operate for profit only

The currently ongoing discussions by politicians from various countries about the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), has drawn the ire of many privacy advocates, doctors and technological professionals the world over, despite us knowing only a little about it. However following further Wikileaks reveals, the wool is gradually being pulled …

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Canada has been spying on everyone too

Oh Canada. So often forgotten during the Edward Snowden leaks. With all the attention on the likes of the US and UK for tapping into undersea cables and New Zealand for going after Kim Dotcom's file locker services, it's easy to forget that Canada, like the aforementioned nations and Australia, …

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The Interview to stream on Netflix too

The Interview has been a real success in many ways. Along with marking a stand – after a nudge from Mr Obama – against threats of violence, its digital release has shown that making a film available online for people to stream at home along with its cinema release, actually …

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Sony is closing its stores in Canada

Sony has announced that it will be closing down all of its stores in Canada within the next six to eight weeks. From now on, Sony will be selling and supporting its products through a series of authorized retailers and its own online store. Sony confirmed the cost cutting move …

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Piracy warning letters increase interest in VPNs

The effectiveness of warning letters sent to households that are thought to have downloaded media that's copyright protected is pretty much unknown. Some people pay up if money is demanded to make the whole thing go away, some ignore it and others fight it saying that it certainly wasn't them. However …

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Canada makes it illegal to file erroneous copyright claims

After a recent law was passed in Canada that forced ISPs to send copyright infringement notices to their customers, copyright lobby groups have been jumping on the bandwagon and also firing off notices of their own. However, some have been using it as an opportunity to try and extort money …

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CA Department of Finance ad appeared on The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay Ad

The Canadian Department of Finance (DoF) has had to suspend an advertising campaign it had entrusted to Yahoo, after one of its Economic Action banners appeared on the file sharing website The Pirate Bay. Apparently the ad appeared along with the search results for a Dr Who episode. The official …

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