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Nvidia: We’ve learnt a lot from the automotive industry

Nvidia Corp. is one of the world’s most successful developers of graphics processors ever, but the company is constantly searching for new markets for itself. Cars nowadays require a lot of general-purpose processing horsepower and visual processing capabilities, something that Nvidia can deliver thanks to its expertise in GPUs and …

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Intel: As AMD exited the server market, ARM chips get chances

At present Intel Corp. controls shipments of around 98 microprocessors for servers on the planet. Advanced Micro Devices is no longer a significant competitor for the chip giant, but a crowd of ARM-based chip developers seems to be. Server customers and makers need alternative processors to Intel Xeon, which is …

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Nvidia and Samsung drop development ARM chips for servers

Nvidia Corp. and Samsung Electronics have decided to withdraw from development of server-class system-on-chips based on the ARMv8 instruction set. Since there are too many similar server chips in development, the two companies most likely do not want to compete in an extremely crowded market. Both Nvidia and Samsung design …

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Nvidia unleashes Tegra K1 application processors

Nvidia Corp. on Monday introduced two Tegra K1 system-on-chips (code-named Logan) for mobile devices that feature the company’s Kepler graphics architecture as well as 32-bit or 64-bit general-purpose processing engines. As expected, the new chips not only improve graphics performance of mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets, but also bring …

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