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Overclockers kicks off Black Friday on Thursday

From an artificial holiday with zero impact in the UK five years ago, Black Friday has becomes a huge focus for technology retailers across the globe. Here in the UK, we have a history of starting sales early. The January sales 2016 will happen at the end of 2015, and the …

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Overclockers UK has massive display sale: Discounts up to 20%

Overclockers UK is running a huge sale of displays with rather substantial discounts. The campaign includes several dozens of various monitors from different makers and with different screen sizes. For a limited time only, OcUK offers 3 to 20 per cent discounts on displays from various makers, including Asustek Computer, …

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GSP Indie dev on why game sales are bad

Cliffski, no not Cliffy B, Cliffski, Cliff Harris, developer of Gratuitous Space Battles, the Democracy series and Redshirt among others, has taken the bold stance of attacking the practice of revolving Steam Sales and Humble Bundles, suggesting that it’s creating a dangerous climate where games and developers are undervalued and …

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Developers can now set their own Steam discounts

Valve is handing developers the tools to set their own discounts and sales on Steam, the company has confirmed. This information came to light after a developer posted this screenshot on Reddit: The page is only accessible by developers that have published games through the Steam service and explains how …

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