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Digital security expert banned from flight for tweet

Tweets have been getting people in trouble for a while now, whether they were intended as jokes, or legitimate statements, but often it's because of perceived ‘offence.' Not in this instance however, where digital security expert and founder of One World Labs, Chris Roberts, was barred from a United Airlines …

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NASA to go all American with its ISS crew flights by 2017

Space is becoming a far more commercial venture these days, with the likes of SpaceX, Boeing and Virgin Galactic all developing new, more efficient and cheaper ways to take people and cargo into orbit. However it's also been more commercial for NASA over the past few years, as since the …

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UK joins US in mobile charge flight check

We heard the other day that all flights going into the US might require you to prove that your mobile phone isn't a bomb, by turning it on, and now it looks like the UK is following suit. Changes made to passenger advice on the government's website suggests that all …

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Amazon could start drone delivery by 2015

Smartphones may be getting smaller and more powerful, graphics cards may be faster than ever and TVs may be getting more detailed than we could ever have imagined, but you know what still feels somewhat archaic? Ordering something online and then having to wait a day or two for it …

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