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Go slow day protests FCC decisions

Much of the internet is deliberately running that bit slower today, in order to protest a decision by the Federal Communications Commission in the US, that has effectively allowed for the discontinuation of net neutrality and the creation of “internet fast lanes,” where companies have to pay if they want …

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AOL still has millions of Dial-Up subscribers

Dial Up Internet still exists? Apparently so, as AOL’s recent financial report has revealed that it is still making a fair bit of money off of its ancient Dial Up Internet service as 2.34 million people are still subscribed to it as of the second quarter of 2014. Which is actually …

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British government wants to sanitise the web

The British government and specifically it’s glorious leader, David Cameron, have shown quite a penchant for internet censorship, whether it’s the insistent DNS block orders being handed out by the High Court like it’s giving away free drink coupons, or Cameron’s personal infatuation with porn (filtering). However it’s pushing us …

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Angela Merkel wants a European internet

German chancellor Angela Merkel has a good reason to be sceptical of the US intelligence agencies and the NSA in particular, as it was discovered that despite both the US and Germany being allied nations, her phone was tapped. Since then she’s called for large reforms to US data gathering, …

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The internet’s creator want’s it to stay free and open

One of the founding fathers of the internet and creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee has spoken out about the current state of the internet in the March issue of Wired magazine, stating that he doesn’t want to see countries developing their own closed off internet infrastructure in …

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Britain’s internet archive is now officially offline

Don’t worry your internet hasn’t crapped out and somehow I’m telling you this through a loaded webpage, but the British internet as we know it is now officially offline. Or at least, it’s accessible from an offline facility. This is all part of the British Library’s attempt to store the …

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Kim Dotcom talks up Orcon internet

Kim Dotcom has been pushing to have the internet access in New Zealand improved for a long time, but it looks like he might have finally found a company that will do it for him, as he’s now being featured in the web adverts for  internet service provider, Orcon. Coming …

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The world is taking the internet back from the US

Like a dog shaking away the clinging pond water it just emerged from, ICANN, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and many other organisations, have all pledged to end the United States’ strong arming of the world’s interenet and to push forward the globalisation of …

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Not everyone thinks the web should be free


While a growing consensus from the world’s online community is that the internet should be free for everyone, just as all useful information should be, not everyone agrees. Computer scientist Jaron Lanier has spoken out at the Economist’s Tech Frontiers conference, about how he believes unless we monetise web content …

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Kids drug parents to access internet

Child therapists say that rebellion is a healthy and natural part of growing up, but just how far is healthy and when would rebellion become a problem? KitGuru ponders the nature of ‘too far’ while researching the actions of a 16-year old girl in the USA, who tried to bypass an internet …

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US politician to ask Reddit how to best protect web freedoms

Zoe Lofgren

Zoe Lofgren, current representative for California’s 16th congressional district, will be taking to Reddit on the 19th of November to ask the site’s users how they think web freedoms would best be protected. Their responses will help build a new piece of legislation that will be put before congress in …

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The next version of the internet, could be real-time


While many people are consistently impressed with contemporary web developments, one of the questions often asked is “what will the internet of the future be like?” One company believes it’ll be real-time and it’s not too far away either. Having renamed itself from the dull sounding Internet Business Technologies, into …

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Silent updates coming for Mozilla’s Firefox

Hallelujah! After seeing a whopping seven major release updates from Mozilla with its Firefox web browser in under a year, the team have finally announced an upcoming feature many of us were were only hoping they’d have rolled in before the version madness continued to accelerate – silent automated updates! …

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Windows 8 to provide native mobile networking

One of MSDN’s most recent blogs goes into detail about Microsoft’s efforts to vastly improve wireless connectivity in Windows 8 to the point of even providing native connectivity support for 3G and 4G networking. As it stands now, specialized applications from hardware providers are required for mobile connectivity. The idea …

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Mobile Phone Buying Guide

Blackberry, iPhone or Smartphone – which is best?  With the most attractive contracts running around 2 years, your next choice could be with you for a very long time. KitGuru opens the lid on mobiles to help you decide, which one’s best for me? Technologies If you type a lot, …

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