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Here’s all of Evolve’s monster skin unlocks

With all of the DLC controversy that's surrounded Turtle Rock's monster hunting shooter, Evolve, it's worth remembering that the game does feature a lot of unlockable content too. Yes, no one is particularly happy with the monster pricing nudge to pre-order, but there is still a lot of non-DLC content. …

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Japan is getting a new Left 4 Dead game

There is an new Left 4 Dead coming but it's not the numbered sequel we were hoping for, it's not going to be available world wide either. Valve has teamed up with Japanese arcade company, Taito, to bring Left 4 Dead: Survivors, to Japanese arcades. The game was code named …

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Watch a full game of Evolve here

Turtle Rock, the developer behind the original Left 4 Dead and now my most anticipated game of the year, Evolve, has released a trailer for the monster hunting, human bashing game, showing the perspectives of every player and giving you a real idea of what it's like to play it. …

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