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Dear Mr Cameron: We don’t want porn filters

Dear Mr Cameron, Since you seem to have ignored my much more informal efforts to get you to change your mind over your plans to filter and censor British internet in the name of saving children from the evils of pornography, I thought I’d try a more formal tactic; so I …

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Don’t forget the UK rushed through the DRIP snooping law

Do you know what the government hopes the most about its recently rushed through DRIP legislation? That you’ll forget about it. For those that don’t know, DRIP, or the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers law, is a bill that was pushed through last week that forces ISPs and in-fact any …

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Steve Wozniak criticizes smart-watches, praises Google Glass

Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple who foresaw the emergence of the upcoming iWatch several years ago, claims that smart-watches have too limited functionality and too small displays. At the same time, he praises Google Glass. While the former partner of Steve Jobs does not really admire wearable computing devices …

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Valve’s Steam Summer Sale tactics are bad for all gamers

If there’s one thing PC gamers hate, it’s those horrible, by-the-numbers, mobile gaming mechanics championed by the likes of King and Zynga. The micro-transactions, pay to win scenarios, games that become more about some meta-management, rather than actually playing the game itself. Scores of companies have been smashed for this, …

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Do social networks make free speech, too free?

Burning Poppy

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, have brought the world together. They’ve allowed us to communicate with the stars of our generation and previous ones, they’ve let us see into the lives of those protesting in war torn countries and made it possible for us to tell public figures …

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