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Skype spread trojan could make you a bitcoin miner

A new trojan has been discovered that is being spread through innocuous looking Skype messages, giving ‘hackers’ control of your machine. Once they do so however, they aren’t creating a botnet, or stealing credit card details, but making you part of a distributed bitcoin mining network. Those hit with the …

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Microsoft apologises for always-on ranter’s rant

Last Friday, we covered how Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft was bashing those that complained about always-online systems, suggesting people should just put up with it. This annoyed Microsoft and Xbox fans, as well as many gamers in general – especially coming off the back of EA’s Sim …

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First reviewers smash the Ouya

The Ouya looks like it might turn out to be the little android console that could not, as the first reviews of the system – that will apparently receive yearly hardware updates – are not good at all, with one reviewer giving it a 3/10. Complaints range from the controller …

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Microsoft employee berates fans for always on hate

Microsoft’s next console has been rumoured for some time to be an always online system, something fans haven’t been too happy about – in many instances, claiming that it means they would buy a PS4 instead. That’s even more likely now, after Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft, suggested …

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Disney shutters LucasArts, everyone laid off

Disney has moved its mouse pointer to “shut down,” and then clicked firmly on Lucasarts, ending the life of the long time great studio that brought us classics like the Monkey Island series, Indiana Jones point and clicks, Maniac Mansion and a lot of Star Wars games – plus my …

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Bioshock Infinite is a board game too

If you’ve been busy trying to win one of our giveaway Bioshock Infinite codes, or have already played your way through Irrational’s epic sky-faring adventure, you’ll probably be interested to know that it’s getting a board game treatment that’ll be released sometime in the next few months. **Mild Spoilers to follow**  Called …

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Who can write the most malicious code?

This is the question asked by coding competition, Underhanded C, which pits hackers against each other to create the most nefarious bit of code they can come up with; but the trick is doing so while making it stealthy enough to avoid casual investigation. The setup in this latest competition …

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Here’s some other Unreal Engine 4.0 Games

Last year Epic treated us to our first look at the next-generation of the Unreal Engine, 4.0, with its whistlestop tour of particle and lighting effects. It was impressive stuff, but the Infiltrator demo from a few days ago took it over the top with how smooth it looked – …

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Battlefield 4 release date leaked

Battlefield 4

Microsoft may have leaked the date that Battlefield 4 is set to launch, after it revealed it on the official Xbox blog, before immediately removing it. Fortunately, some intrepid users were able to snatch a screenshot, so we can confirm that the rumoured date is 29th October, 2013. Whether this …

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Miiverse inflating into PC and 3DS space


Nintendo’s Miiverse, the social networking hub of its poorly selling console, the Wii U, is set to expand its influence to include both PC and smartphone platforms, with Nintendo looking to debut the latter of those two systems sometime between April and May. Initially the functionality won’t be great, with …

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War Z producer gives ‘sage’ advice


Sergey Titov, executive producer of problematic, recycled idea-fest, The War Z, has been speaking out at the Games Developer Conference with some advice for anyone trying to release an online game, or one with micro-transactions. According to Titov, one of gamer’s favourite features about The War Z, is that despite …

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PC games sales made £13.24 billion in 2012


An organisation that combines the two giants of gamer chip creation, AMD and Intel, has announced through a new report that PC gaming grew once again in 2012, managing to generate well over £10 billion. Known as the PC Games Alliance, a non-profit organisation with aims to further PC gaming …

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Windows Blue, the true successor to Windows 7?

Microsoft have acknowledged the existence of Windows Blue, the operating system they hope will win the hearts and minds of the enthusiast audience. Microsoft’s vice president of corporate communications Frank X has made a mention of Windows Blue. He wrote in a March 26th blog post “With a remarkable foundation …

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Unsuspecting users involved in Spamhaus DNS attacks

There may be hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting British computer users involved in cyber attack, because their router has been compromised. Spamhaus, which runs a filtering service used to stop spam emails has been under attack from 18th march after they added a Dutch hosting organisation called CyberBunker to their …

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Upcoming Wii U update will cut loads times

Due for release in April, a Wii U firmware update from Nintendo is set to cut loading times down by a significant margin. To showcase this, Nintendo released a short video that shows how much quicker the Wii U is able to get back to the main menu when leaving …

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Win BioShock Infinite and Crysis 3 codes!

Are you waiting to get hold of Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite? You may want to enter our little competition running on Facebook for the next couple of days. We are giving away codes for both, meaning you can keep your hard earned money for something more important such as …

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Sony make moves for more indie games on PS4

Sony made announcements that they are bringing more independent games to the Playstation 4 console. Zombie’s Studios’ Blacklight: Retribution will make an appearance on the next gen Sony platform. According to a report on Gamasutra “The company also announced that popular parody fighting game Divekick, new puzzle game Metrico, from …

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