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Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE Motherboard Review


We used 3DMark‘s ‘Fire Strike’ benchmark which is designed to be used on gaming PCs. We opted for the Normal setting, NOT the Extreme mode.

3d mark
Sandra Processor Arithmetic

sandra cpu arith
Sandra Memory Bandwidth

sandra mem band
Biostar’s Hi-Fi Z97WE struggles to make a positive impression in system benchmarks that leverage CPU power. With a 4-core clock speed 200MHz lower than the competing boards which all use a 4.4GHz MCT setting by default, Biostar’s board is left sitting in last place in our 3DMark and Sandra processor arithmetic benchmarks.

Memory bandwidth does paint a more pleasing picture, although the ranking of Biostar’s board should be read with caution due to the system being based around G.Skill 2400MHz TridentX memory, rather than the 2.4GHz Corsair Vengeance Pro used on all competing boards.

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