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Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE Motherboard Review


We used the ‘CPU’ test built into Cinebench R15 .


WinRAR’s built in benchmark and hardware test can help us outline the performance differentials between each motherboard. We record the amount of data processed after a 30-second run.

Handbrake Conversion

We measured the average frame rate achieved for a task of converting a 4.36GB 720P MKV movie to 720P MP4 format.


Biostar’s CPU speed deficit again hampers its performance in our array of CPU-related benchmarks. Cinebench registers fewer points due to the 200MHz speed deficit, while real-world performance is impacted in WinRAR and Handbrake.

While it may be somewhat unfair to compare a stock-clocked motherboard with others using MCT profiles, the competing boards apply the 4.4GHz all-core turbo profile by default. An ‘apples for apples‘ comparison of stock performance with XMP enabled is exactly what we are showing from each motherboard.

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