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OverclockersUK ‘Infinity Vesuvius’ R9 295X2 QuadXFire System review

Tomb Raider received much acclaim from critics, who praised the graphics, the gameplay and Camilla Luddington’s performance as Lara with many critics agreeing that the game is a solid and much needed reboot of the franchise. Much criticism went to the addition of the multiplayer which many felt was unnecessary. Tomb Raider went on to sell one million copies in forty-eight hours of its release, and has sold 3.4 million copies worldwide so far.
We use the highest image quality settings possible, at Ultra HD 4K resolution.
tomb raider 4k
Tomb Raider is a fantastic game, both in terms of visual quality and gameplay. We had a good experience with a single R9 295 X2, however the OverclockersUK “Infinity Vesuvius” R9 295X2 QuadXFire system pushes the frame rates into a completely new stratosphere. If you like to maintain a constant 60 frames per second at Ultra HD 4k with maximum image quality settings then this is the only system we have reviewed that can do it.

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  1. I just wet myself with excitment. I love these crazy builds – ill never own one, so reading about it, is the next best thing !

  2. Dear lord, a 1,500 watt power supply ! my own system which I thought was good is just hiding in the corner of the room crying like a little girl.

    Those 3dMARK scores are insane. wtf is about all I can say.

  3. What would this be like over 3 1920×1080 displays (eyefinity)?

  4. Where do they got money ? i just have an 200$ or 150$ laptop 🙁 and thanks god that i have one).

  5. Amazing performance from the 295×2. I’m impressed.

  6. I just impressed with its resolution. 3840 x 2160! Your eyes!!! Ehem…

  7. Ill be using this pc over the coming days using a paltry 5760×1080, will report back with some results.

  8. Hi Rich – very envious! Let us know how you get on 🙂

  9. Can honestly say this system runs absolutely everything at maximum graphical settings. I have to run an FPS limiter to match my 3 x monitors refresh rates in order to run titles without CPU limiting. It’s quiet, like really quiet considering the horsepower inside. One downside is the heat the system produces after a gaming session. So hot in fact I had to buy an airconditioning unit to cool the room down, still at maximum power the cpu and graphics temperatures never breach 65 degrees Celsius. It looks sweet too, the GPu’s automatically light up when in use, and turn off in idle mode. I’ll give this system a very commendable 9/10 purely down to heat, everything else is Great!

  10. Congrats on wonderful system, Rich. I have my own cheaper setup using old rig, and ghetto mods on a HafX chassis to exhaust both cards hot air front and back. In my place where amb temp run at about 30-33C I am hitting 72-73C on BF4. If only we have winters here, this rig could be a good heater!!!

  11. What a waste, the 4770 doesn’t even have enough pci-e lanes to run two cards in full x16 mode

  12. because there is no card that need pcie 3.0 x16. x8 is enough for anything out right now.