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Wii U sales finally crest 10 million

Nintendo’s latest console hasn’t been the strong player that it hoped it would be earlier in its life cycle. Released almost a year ahead of its main competitors, the PS4 and Xbox One, with a unique second screen mechanic, it was supposed to capture the old Wii audience, whilst siphoning …

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People are now trying to sell fake Amiibo figures

Nintendo seems to have found success with the launch of its Amiibo figures. The little collectibles bring new functionality to a couple of games unfortunately, Nintendo can’t seem to make enough of them, which has caused quite the scalper problem. Not only are scalpers buying Amiibos in bulk and selling …

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Amiibo will unlock portions of NES, SNES games

What Nintendo will actually do with its Amiibo figurines has been up for much debate since the little NFC equipped models were released last year. Off the bat they gave us extra costumes in certain games and our own AI cooperative partner in Smash Bros, but these are cross title …

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December was Wii U’s best month of sales ever

Asking anyone you know who’s not a big gamer and chances are they still haven’t heard of the Wii U. It’s amazing to think that two years on from its release, Nintendo is still in that position, but hey, apparently that doesn’t matter too much, as the Wii U is …

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Here’s how Amiibos will work in Nintendo games

Yesterday we learned of some released-too-early information about Mario Kart 8, that along with its upcoming Zelda based DLC pack, it would also have the ability to give your Mii character a new costume, with the use of Nintendo’s take on Skylander’s like figurines, known as Amiibos. Nintendo’s release jumped …

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ShopTo lists Wii U, 3DS amiibo pre-orders

British retailer ShopTo has become the first retailer in the world to list Nintendo amiibo figureines for both the Wii U and 3DS, giving us our first idea of how much each of them will cost. While prices are certainly not final and should be considered changeable before the release, …

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